WCCR Student Radio Station

WCCR is Rutgers Camden's online student radio station.
If you are interested in joining WCCR, please contact Scott McCarthy (scottmcc@camden.rutgers.edu). 
If you are intereseted in listening please click  https://rcit.rutgers.edu/av-request/live/rutgerscamdenradio
"What’s Your Story?" A Podcast Workshop is a day-long event designed as a survey of innovative audio narrative. Our presenters work across genres, from audio fiction to oral history projects, news podcasts to cultural commentary. While digesting the best that audio has to offer, participants will also get an introduction to the technical side of podcast design, including open-source sound recording technology, basic sound design, and editing. We hope you’ll come away with an understanding of where audio has been and where it’s going, as well as some of your own unique sounds.
Registration is free for current Rutgers students and Camden residents and $25 for general admission.