Hours of Operation

Campus Center
Spring 2023 Campus Center Hours:
Monday through Friday  |  7am to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday  |  10am to 8pm

Spring 2023 IMPACT Booth Hours:

Monday through Friday  |  9am to 2:00pm (Wednesdays until 5pm)
Saturday and Sunday  |  CLOSED
Spring 2023 The Corner Hours:
Monday through Friday  |  7am to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday  |  10am to 8pm
The Live Chat feature (located on the Campus Center home page) will be open to help accommodate any questions you may have, Monday through Friday from 9am – 1pm.
University-wide operating status updates can be found at coronavirus.rutgers.edu.
Information regarding the Gourmet Dining’s hours of operations and current policies and procedures can be found at camden.rudining.com.
The IMPACT Booth is currently open Monday through Friday from 10am – 2pm. We can be reached by calling 856-225-6211 or by emailing us at  ru-impact@camden.rutgers.edu.
Information on new or replacement RUID can be found at campuscenter.camden.rutgers.edu/rutgers-ids. Please stop by the Booth during operating hours and we will get it printed for you right away!  Also note that there is a $20 replacement fee due at time of printing.
For the most up-to-date hours of operation, please visit: https://kiteandkey.rutgers.edu/
The IT computer Print Station in the Campus Center, located on the Lower Level, is currently open during the Campus Center hours of operation. Please visit the Print Station located in the Paul Robeson Library, open during their hours of operation. You will need your RUID to use both print stations on campus.
The Corner, Scarlet Lounge, and Raptor Roost are currently open to members of the Rutgers-Camden Community during Campus Center hours of operation.
Community and student organization-based spaces, including large gathering spaces, are open during Campus Center hours of operation, including but not limited to: Student Leader Lounge, Student Veterans Lounge, Interfaith & Meditation Room, WCCR Radio Station, The Gleaner, and more.
Information regarding the Student Wellness Center & The Food Pantry hours of operation and processes can be found at wellnesscenter.camden.rutgers.edu.
For all other concerns and questions regarding the various offices and departments housed within the Campus Center, please contact them on an individual basis. More information on how to get in touch with these offices can be found at studentaffairs.camden.rutgers.edu