Campus Center Locker Rentals

The Campus Center offers opportunities for our students to rent a locker to store items.  Lockers can be rented per semester or per academic year and special summer pricing is available as well.  The Campus Center’s lockers are located in the east hallway of the lower level area, opposite the leader lounge.
Rental Lengths and Prices
Dates of duration will be provided upon signing your locker rental contract.
  Fall Semester
  Spring Semester
  Full Academic Year  
Can I choose which locker I have?
Yes, just ask for a specific locker indicated by the locker number.
Do I supply the lock?
The Campus Center supplies the lock for the duration of your rental agreement.
Do I keep the lock?
The lock is the property of the Campus Center; you do not keep the lock.
What if my lock/locker is broken or breaks?
Please notify the IMPACT Booth so a building manager can address it.
Can I rent on a daily basis?
No, the Rutgers Camden Athletic and Fitness Center offers lockers for daily usage.
Can I decorate my locker?
No, the locker is the property of the Campus Center. Please do not place magnets or stickers on the locker.
What if I want to rent a locker in the middle of the semester or year? 
As long as there are available lockers, students can rent them anytime throughout the semester and year.  The cost still remains at the rental length’s price.
What happens if I fail to collect my belongings from my locker after my rental agreement ends?
You will be contacted by the Impact Booth and given 48 hours to retrieve your items from your locker.  After 48 hours your items will be discarded.