Rutgers University-Camden Student Goverment Association

SGA's Preamble:


We, the students of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey at Camden, in order to promote higher educational, mental, physical, and spiritual standards; nurture student welfare; ingrain in the student body, the realization of their responsibility to themselves and their student government; and defend and protect the inalienable rights of the students of Rutgers University-Camden, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution.


The Rutgers University - Camden Student Governing Association shall serve and govern all of the student organizations of Rutgers University - Camden, the Camden College of Arts and Sciences (School 50), the School of Business (School 52), the School of Nursing (School 57) and the Arts and Sciences Graduate School (School 56) [not including the MBA and Law School student organizations]. It shall also be responsible to recommend annual student fee funded appropriations and monitor the use and expenditures thereof and comment on audits of all student services and activities funded through student fee revenues collected by the University.


President Samuel Adepoju
Vice President Samuel Tuero
Secretary Ashley Graff
Treasurer Eric Flanegin
GAO Chairperson Nada Noiem
CCAS University Senator Tyler Wilde
CCAS University Senator Kenneth Carty
SBC University Senator Michael Mancini
SNC University Senator (Vacant)  
Graduate University Senator Michael Van Stine
CCAS At-Large Rep Christian Gonzalez
CCAS At-Large Rep Ubaidah Khan
CCAS At-Large Rep John Miralles
SBC At-Large Rep Justin Roane
SBC At-Large Rep Xavier Runcie
SBC At-Large Rep (Vacant)  
SNC At-Large Rep (Vacant)  
Graduate At-Large Rep (Vacant)  


For more information on the SGA, including a list of upcoming meetings open to all students, please see below.

If you are interested in serving in a currently vacant position, please email the SGA at for more information.



Phone: (856) 225-6007